References for BMX Shows

Hereunder you find a selection for BMX show references, on the end of this site you can find a total overview of all BMX Shows where Kevin had partaken as BMX rider.

Presentation of the new Audi A3 Limousine at Alexanderplatz (BCC) in 2013

  • Two days of show riding with 14 shows each
  • Mixed show concept with BMX, parcour, breakdance and freestyle trampoline
  • Location: Congress hall berlin towards the Alexa shopping center (at Alexanderplace)
  • Ramps: borrowed from Mellowpark, Construction: battleroyalprojects

Premiere of Mercedes Benz A-Class in 2012

Flair - Premiere of Mercedes Benz A-Class
Flair by BMX professional Kevin Liehn during the show
  • 4 x 10min. show riding on Saturday and Sunday at the Mercedes Benz headquarters in Berlin Salzufer
  • Two BMX rider ans two skateboarder including moderation
  • Ramp: Small miniramp from Mellowpark

Live performance with show for Sat1 breakfast TV in 2012

Live at Sat1 breakfast TV
Karen Heinrichs, BMX professional Kevin Liehn and Jan Hahn during the live performance

"Early in the morning at 3 a.m. everything starts with transport to the production to build up the miniramp very quikly. That was pretty hard but then came a surprise, the live TV show starts without any preparation, script, warm up or something like a scheme! But despite the chaos every five show units went perfectly without crash and without mistakes!"


Video: BMX professional Kevin Liehn live at Sat1

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