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BMX Show for SAP at Citycube Berlin

On the 12th November a big BMX show for SAP took place at the Citycube Berlin, made by the Mellopark Showteam including my humble self. There was only one opening show in front of 5.000 spectators, so nothing had to gone wrong. The atmosphere was amazing and everything went very well, this was definetly a great evening! Here are some impressions from these evening by our photographer Hans Friedrich:

Video BMX Show Braunschweig

Fresh video from our last BMX Show in Braunschweig, just watch and enjoy!

Back to School - Show at the Grünauer School

Just a little GoPro Selfie during the show on the schoolyard
Just a little GoPro Selfie during the show on the schoolyard

On the September the 9th a school festival at the Grünauer School in Berlin took place, to seal and to celebrate the partnership of the school with the Mellowpark "School without Racism - School with Courage". So a BMX show had to be done!

JDC Campaign

I just found the commercial clip where I concurred for the JDC fashion label, you see me in the last third.

Results Highway to Hill 2014

BMX professionell Kevin Liehn during a big Tailwhip Transfer at Highway to Hill 2014 at Mellowpark Berlin, at Rudis Reste Ramp
Last trick performed by BMX professionell Kevin Liehn at Highway to Hill 2014 at Rudis Reste Ramp, Tailwhip Transfer

Good news for bmx professionel Kevin Liehn at the Highway to Hill 2014. Kevin takes the second place at miniramp and got 4th at the Rudis Reste Ramp. We hope next weekend at ButcherJam in Flensburg will also be successfull like this one, stay tuned!

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